PRECONFERENCE PROGRAM - January 3 & 4, 2020
To be held at The University of Macau.

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January 3, 2020
Ion Mobility and Ion Spectroscopy: Advanced Structural Elucidation in Conjunction with MS

Prof. Jos Oomens and Prof. Alex Shvartsburg

Optical spectroscopy of mass-selected ions inside a mass spectrometer has evolved into an important method in MS, enabling one to retrieve detailed molecular structure information that goes beyond what can be obtained from regular LC-MS/MS analysis. We will discuss practical aspects of performing ion spectroscopy, in the UV/vis but especially in the IR frequency range. Which MS platforms and which laser systems are suitable for ion spectroscopy? How is the interfacing between MS and (IR) laser done? How does IRMPD compare with cryogenic (tagging) methods? How can I gain access to free-electron laser facilities to perform ion spectroscopy? And what are typical applications, both in fundamental physical chemistry contexts as well as in analytical settings? 

Most biological and environmental analyses employing MS require prior separations. Ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) has emerged as a complement or replacement for chromatography and electrophoresis, offering exceptional speed, unique selectivity, and a priori structural characterization capability. Major instrument vendors now provide IMS separations in high-end MS systems. We will review the fundamentals and topical applications of linear and differential IMS (FAIMS) coupled to MS, then focus on the comparative merits of available commercial platforms.
An Introduction to Mass Spectrometry-based Proteomics

Prof. Gavin Reid and Prof. Qingsong Lin

Proteomics involves the identification, characterization and quantification of all proteins expressed in a genome, and has been enabled by the development and application of sophisticated mass spectrometry based technologies, and associated chemical, chromatographic and bioinformatics tools. This short course will provide an introduction to the principles and concepts of proteomics, and the technologies that are used.
Targeted and non-targeted analyses of pesticides in food and environment samples by LC Tandem MS

Dr. Paul Yang and Dr. Amber Chen

This course will meet the need of attendees who want to learn advanced techniques for targeted/non-targeted LC-MS pesticides analysis. Participants will learn how to apply and modify methods for the analysis of known and unknown compounds using LC-MS/MS and LC-HRMS. In addition, advanced data acquisition/processing strategies and workflows that can be used for the unknown screening. The goal of this course is for the attendees to return to their labs with working knowledge in unknown screening and targeted pesticides analyses. Applying this knowledge will allow them to continuously improve data quality and operation efficiency to meet their day-to-day and research work needs.

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Short Course Fees:

$500 HKD - Student Early*
$600 HKD - Student Late*
$2000 HKD - Non-Student Early
$3000 HKD - Non-Student Late

*Students may apply for a scholarship to cover the short course fee. Please follow the instructions during the Registration process.

January 4, 2020

Chair: Prof. Simon Lee, University of Macau
Continuing in the traditions of the AOMSC, the one-day Young Scientist Forum will provide opportunities for young scientists, namely PhD students and post-doctoral researchers, the opportunity to give oral presentations to their peers from around Asia/Oceania, along with some distinguished professors. Awards will be given to the best presenters, who will also be given the opportunity to present their work during the main conference proceedings. The Young Scientist Forum also includes the Career Development Forum, where figures from both industry and academia will discuss and answer questions about the opportunities available to young scientists in both types of career.
Young Scientist Forum Fees:

$50 HKD
Vendors may invite clients to attend information seminars on their products and services. Please contact us at to arrange your meeting.
4th January 2020, 10am-1pm: Shimadzu's Latest Technologies on Mass Spectrometry

Bruker eXceed Mass Spectrometers to Maximise the Scientific Research

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